working examples

bad situation

- Company is existing since 12 years
- turnover and profig is going down by years
- management tried many strategies to come to turn over - seems nothing works

after analyze the company, their workflow and emplpyee commitment we recommended some activities for start turn over

we support management for implementation

3 months later revenue, turnover and profit increase and go well

target much to high

- after an great year with 15%+ growth management of an stocklistet company decide to increas earnings again for more than 30%
- 50% of all year business should be done end of march
- no one at the company belive is possible
- there was no real commitment from lower management to topmmanagement
- regionalmanager of north germany never had situation like this - so he decide to use our knowledge

- we create a management-caoching-meeting for all north german managers and branch leaders
- we prepare the regionalmanager for this meeting with professional skills which also used at professional competitive sports
- we support regionalmanager at this meeting and also in follownig 3 months

only north german region - one of 4 regions in germany - reached all 50% of the year in this 3 months successfully

strategy project quality system

- obe of the big german banks want to make better business with private- and business clients
- more than 700 branches exist
- no mesurement shows how good sellingskills, customer focus, emotional intelligence and first impression for new customers ar

- in some strategy meetings with management we build concept for implement system to check all branches
- implement a messurementsystem and create
- we visit all branches to make a check up and give individual recomendation for each branchmanager for change
- monthly we report to the management about success and workflow

cultural intelligence

chinese company want sent 5 emplopyee overseas to work in germany - no one of them have experinance how to negotioate and deal with german companies and customers. also no culture experinance

the experiance of the company in the past was not that good - takes loong time and was hard work for employees to adopt in german culter to be successfull

they get two days individual cross cultureal training in china and all of them where coached directly at business other 2 days in germany

as the management told us all of them are very successfull in much shorter time than others before also they develop in new business not done before

training sellingskills

manager of financial service company want increas revenue and turnover about 20% and aske us for help
after checkup of his selling team we find out the selling and negotiation skills are not good enough for that.

So we create training for them and teach them new skills and coach them in daily business

after training and coaching revenue and turnover increase about 18% the cost of training and coaching already reduced

education develops

parents from asia want good education for their kids. Kid is 15 years old. plan was to give not only asian culture for education also should be europe influenced

we organiced tree holiday exchance for german at asian family - during this exchange kid have some trainings and seminars also working in some social projects and visit some companies for exchange of experiences. also we create some connections with other well educated kids in germany on purpose to give chance have exchange further on.

now kid starts to study and is one of the best studends. feedback of parents and university is: "this shows what people can reach when they learn thinking out of the box..."

business overseas

asian company want make business in germany - already little experiance existing by owner
owner ask us to support

we make strategy together about following topics and help to implement

- find right town and location for business
- hire right people and train them
- help apply for resident and workingpermit and help how to pay salary following german social system rouls
- bring company to right persons from government without loosing time
- introduce company to important value customer and suppliers
- create network with suppliers and customers
- help to apply all registrations and organize accounting and taxdeclaration service
- help find an controlsystem