coaching - training

Coaching ist ein Prozess, der Privat- und Firmenkunden, ihr volles Potenzial erreichen lässt.

Es ist ein Prozess, der Lernen und Entwicklung ermöglicht, und damit die Leistung verbessert.

Erfolgreiches Coaching erfordert Wissen und Verständnis von Prozessen und über die Vielfalt der Stile, Fähigkeiten und Techniken.

Coaching is a process that allows private and corporate clients to achieve their full potential.

So it´s a process that allows learning and development, and thus improves performance.

Successful coaching requires knowledge and understanding of processes and the variety of styles, skills and techniques.

Establishing agreements - Developing strong relationships with direct reports

Understanding coaching principles and the GROW - Introducing a new approach to management

Establishing trust - Creating a safe, supportive, blame-free and challenging environment through mutual respect and trust

Active listening - Enhanced, open communication, clarity and partnership

Powerful questioning - Empowering direct reports

Asking permission - Partnering and creating ownership for direct reports

Coaching feedback - Development of direct reports and effective performance management reviews

Setting goals that energize and motivate - Development of direct reports, performance management and aligning individual purpose and organizational targets

Setting/reviewing actions – Enhanced performance management

Creating awareness for current performance and behaviours – Enhanced performance management and empowerment

Building responsibility for improvements and solutions - Innovation and risk-taking

Building coaching behaviours that will be sustained - Sustainability and job satisfaction

Leadership vision - Strong facilitative leadership

Transformational management - Effective at communicating and enabling change and inspiring high performance

Acknowledgement - Increased motivation and commitment in direct reports

Self-management - Enhanced trust and confidence

Empowering people - Enhanced performance management

Coaching feedback - Continuous alignment

Bottom-lining - Enhanced communication and quicker decision-making

Accountability - Increased responsibility in direct reports

Working with limiting mindsets & inner critic - Increased performance from people who are underperforming

Designing the relationship - Strong relationships with direct reports

Bringing coaching into work relationships - Fully integrating coaching into your management style

for that we highlight the following areas and themes:

  • How to make a good first impression
  • How to motivate your employees in the workplace
  • How to manage change effectively
  • How to deal with difficult employees
  • Effective business negotiation techniques
  • How to set and achieve goals
  • Effective delegating strategies
  • How to ensure the profitability of your business
  • How to plan your own career
  • How to increase your income
  • How to create a business environment that supports srowth
  • How to develop professional selling skils
  • How make acquisition and negotiation successful
  • develop you leadership skills
  • Which intercultural training for business education is needed
  • Managementcoaching
  • how to present in meetings and how to lead meetings and groups
  • individual coachin and training