Industries in which we operateing successfully

  • financial advisoring and consulting
  • trading companies
  • State-owned enterprises
  • aviation industry
  • engeneering
  • craft business
  • Education and Training
  • human resources
  • travel Industry
  • IT Services
  • also we have special experiance in "overseas meets overseas"
  • ... and many more

selection of references - more on request

Jan H.
Function: director bank (germany)

Jochen P.
Function: CEO asset management company (germany)

Frank W.
Funktionen: CEO private bank (swiss/germany)

Thorsten K.
Function: managementboard international incurance company (VAE/germany)

Thitinat M.
Function: Master Ing. Semiconductor / projektmanager / vice president (thailand/germany)

Detlev K.
Function: international financial consultant ultra high networth individuals / director (south america/germany)

Gabirele O.
Function: consultant und managementtrainer (germany)

Achim B.
Function: lawyer and owner financial consulting company (germany)

Christian S.
Function: manager from a swiss financial consulting company based hannover (germany)

Dr. Anke T.
Function: projectmanager wealth management private bank (china/india/germany)

Dirk O.
Function: CEO pharma reseller (germany)

Stefan B.
Function: private wealth consultant / vice president (germany)

Andreas H.
Function: private wealth investment consultant / vice president

Andreas W.
Function: project manager / aircraft base maintenance / vice president (germany)

Dr. Friederike C.
Funktionen: dentist and clinicowner (germany)